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Relax and rejuvenate with chocolate, exfoliates the body after our relaxing treatments – perfect for the mind and body

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Many factors contribute to a Spa memorable experience; but it is the therapists who make the difference. Therapists are Spa industry’s wellness army. With welcoming smiles, talented hands and a caring attitude, they deliver the best spa experience that transform the mind and body – finding a balance in this stressed world. With this realization, Spa academy prepare the best therapists – starting from scratch. New therapists attend the basic […]


The word Spa originally comes from the latin word :“Solus Per Aquam”, which means” Sehat Pakai Air” in bahasa or healthy using water. According to history,  Spa came from   Rome as an form of  solution for the King and His armies to relax, comfort  and tranquil after a war . Also  for Queen, Princess and other wealthy women to treat and maintain their skin and body to look healthy and […]


ISPA 2018 U.S Spa Industry Study ( shows that the total number of employees increased by 1.9 percent from 2017 to 2018. It was 365,200 in 2017, and it rose to 372,100 in 2018. This shows that there is an opportunity for careers in the spa industry. In 2018, ISPA did a study on Spa Workforce and it concluded that in the industry, 87% of the people are female, while […]

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