Indonesia remains a very special place for tourists, especially Indonesia’s former capital city: Yogyakarta. The rich culture of Yogyakarta’s palace and the lush of the amazing Borobudur temple, are completed with the wide range of local ethnicity and the unexploited natural wonders; all of that seems to pulse under everybody’s feet like a heartbeat.

Although Yogyakarta is a beautiful tourist destination, all these wonders could not be explored with an exhausted fatigue. This is how spa treatments  can help. The treatments help tourists to get relax and fit again for the next day , adding a refreshing and ravishing destination to your daily tour.

Spa, a place for tranquility, body and mind, was built to satisfy spa-goers with the right concept of spa. Real spa offer different kind of spa-journey or spa-rituals  ranging between 1 hour to 3 hour per treatments and activate five senses to achieve maximum relaxation and tranquility. With exposure to natural things , the relaxation day feels completed and lavish …

So next time you are in vacation .. everywhere.. spa treatments is a must ! Enjoy the journey