Nov 2018


The word Spa originally comes from the latin word :“Solus Per Aquam”, which means” Sehat Pakai Air” in bahasa or healthy using water.

According to history,  Spa came from   Rome as an form of  solution for the King and His armies to relax, comfort  and tranquil after a war . Also  for Queen, Princess and other wealthy women to treat and maintain their skin and body to look healthy and beautiful. They used to soak in hot or  cold water (spring) to rejuvenate their body, mind and soul.

Currently, these concept still applies especially in big cities where life is stressful, tense and demanding. But Spa no longer only denotes a link with water, its meaning has broadened to include a diverse combination of ancient philopsophies and modern techniques, but the common trhread  which is “water” still remains. Any conditions which requires tranquil, rejuvenate and relax  which leads to healthy and well-being…..SPA is the answer.Spa have something for everybody   to look and feel better.

To achieve tranquility in body and mind, our five senses must be activated .

  1. Sight

Make a living is the concept of architect. Living can be seen by our eyes and makes our soul tranquil. Good Spa always relates to relax atmosphere .

  1. Smell

The smell of different types of essential oil may contributes to calmness and healing effect of our body and mind.

  1. Hear

Right type of music such as sound of trickling water, sound of birds or any other relaxing  soundcan  capture your soul.

  1. Taste

Hungry or thirsty after spa? Healthy and natural food& drinks  will satisfy your mouth. Different foods & drinks have different result, such as : ginger can make us more energize, lemon grass can make us calm.

  1. Touch

Different treatments for  our skin such as massage, scrub and mask havea direct impact on  our body. Don’t forget that Touch is a poweful antidote to tension and stress. It is highly effective for relaxation and recharge energy .

Spa is a lifestyle? The answer is perfectly right.

In Asia , especially Indonesia Spa is influenced by ritual and tradition of Keraton (Palaces) in Central Java which use different types of Indonesian resources such as cinnamon, pandanus, coffee, rice and many other herbs as icon products (spa industry in Indonesia is dominated by people who understands this Javanese ritual and traditions), In India, Spa menus is dominated by Ayurveda treatments, In Japan , Shiatsu and bath theraphy is highly important in Spa industry, China is famous with its accupunture and natural herbs as part of Spa therapy, and not to forget “Yoga” as part of relaxation which originally come  from Tibet.

These differences will lead to one purpose:  “stress free”. Isn’t this making  Spa as a life style?

When five senses is activated relaxation in body and mind will be optimized..but when only “touch’ is activated your body will be refresh and recharge.

Right knowledge and paradygm about  Spa is needed to understand the current market situation and how Spa “fits” into it. A successfull Spa businessman understand this and apply right strategy concept to develop “Spa goers” into his/her  Spa. Spa goers is a satisfied customer who  loyal to one Spa branding.

Have you ever tried having  massage in a massage places or reflexy places? For sure, your body condition is refreshed and not tired anymore, but how about your mind?. Do you “Feel” better afterwards? Begin your Spa experience  and become one of  “Spa-goers”!

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