Many factors contribute to a Spa memorable experience; but it is the therapists who make the difference. Therapists are Spa industry’s wellness army. With welcoming smiles, talented hands and a caring attitude, they deliver the best spa experience that transform the mind and body – finding a balance in this stressed world.

With this realization, Spa academy prepare the best therapists – starting from scratch. New therapists attend the basic training while existing therapists refresh their skills and attend in-spa training.  In-spa training gives us ability to train to meet individual needs – improving the qualities that each individual lacks .All trainers ensure that all different aspects of spa are fully covered and carefully studied in order for our students to be transformed into therapists who can deliver complete treatments, consultation and recommendations through treatments and home care with certain standards.

Skill training is like the first door to enter before any other training is started. Learning human body anatomy and different methods of massages will be the key to learn.  The trainee has to be able to understand how the body anatomy works and how different methods of massages will give different impacts to the body parts. When the skills is done, hospitality is another aspect of training. How to perform hand in hand in a team work is another issue, how to make customer satisfied and repeat again is also another topic to be learned. Not too mention learning how to say “NO’ to any kind of treatment outside the spa menu services .

Last but not least, trainers and leaders should be enthusiastically empowers spa  therapists, by giving them the best motivation and open their paradym, to be able to successfully give the best spa experience. Training is all about empowering the therapists. Empower your therapists and you will empower your Spa

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