Axura Hope

“Behind a great hope… There is a great people ”
At Axura we encourage women to pursue their dreams by continuing further study by giving them flexible working hours, study loans and also provide free accomodations, or simply by giving them a chance to become a better person

Nevita Jesi (23 years old)

It has been 4 years since I joined Axura. Previously, I did not have any basics regarding the world of spa. As time went on I was given a lot of knowledge. Now I have two activities daily that has to be done which is work and school (university), time management is very important for these two activities to run smoothly. It’s not an easy thing to achieve a career, a lot of commitment into what I’m doing is needed to reach my milestones. Thank you Axura for the nurture and responsibility given. Hopefully Axura can give the best results and be known internationally.

Erna (45 years old)

I joined Axura Spa in 2014 as a cleaning service. Because of study background ( I was graduated as Bachelor Degree) I was given an opportunity to become a spa therapist. I was then taught by Axura the skills of a professional therapist. I now have better living by earning extra income to supplement my family.

Eva Farida (23 years old)

My name is Eva Farida Ariyanti, 23 years old. In the course of working for Axura, it feels like I have a new family because the brotherhood in Axura Spa is firm. Here we are required to work in teams and think critically about the development and progress of the company to be able to compete with other companies. At Axura Spa, we are educated to be broad minded people by not focusing on merely a single scope. The point is, teamwork and a sense of family and brotherhood are maintained among all the employees. Hopefully in the future, Axura will be a company that is located not in Yogyakarta but all over Indonesia or even internationally.

Axura Empowering Women

Axura Training Centre ensures continuous learning of becoming professional spa therapists. We train them about the spa culture, how to communicate in English, hospitality, leadership , work ethic and other skills that are to be used in their lifetime. After they finish the training, they can work as Professional Spa therapists. We understand knowledge and skill is poweful and acts as a key ingredient for successful spas.
Besides encouraging further study, we also encourage our spa therapists to have standardised skill by joining certification from the government.

Axura Community

Together with “Bali Spa and Wellness Association” (BSWA), we promote and educate people about “What Is Real Spa?’ and also give insights about the Spa business itself.